Get your React Native codebase under control

Welcome to the Maintainable React Native course, where Wojciech shares the best practises we use in Brains & Beards to deliver successful React Native apps since 2016.

You don't know why your precious greenfield app seems to slow down in development speed after just a couple of months? Even though you're using the most popular React libraries? Tired of trying out technical changes that don't seem to fix anything?

This programme will help you keep your codebase in shape even as requirements shift and new features come and go. You'll be able to stay productive for years after your project has left the greenfield phase, understand and tackle your technical debt and form a clear vision what you want to refactor.

Learn what writing Maintainable RN apps is about. Join me in this course and keep your team productive!

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    Wojciech has spent the last sixteen years programming on various levels of the stack with the last seven focused on building mobile apps in React Native.

    This gave him a not only technical expertise, but also a broad perspective that goes not only beyond the repository where your project lives, but also past the code itself into the realm of team communication, ownership, and collaboration.